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More information about THAI HOM MALI RICE

First found in the Eastern region, district of Lampradue, Choonburi, of Thailand in 1945, Thai Hommali Rice is indigenous and native to Thailand . The unique characteristic of the Rice is the aroma similar to jasmine scent. The Hommali Rice is also called by other names---fragrant rice, aromatic rice and jasmine rice.

The best quality is grown in the North Eastern region which produces long grain, silky smooth, pure white, a soft texture when cooked and distinctive fragrance. It contains many nutrients-- vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, iron, calcium, and other minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. The other unique characteristic is lack of gluten, an allergen.

Several attempts have been made by other countries to grow Thai Hom Mali Rice outside Thailand , but unsuccessfully. This might be due to the soil and micro climate in the region where it natively grown. The young stalks are organically grown, hand planted, rain nourished and void of chemical fertilizers.

The premium quality is guaranteed when the harvest is made when the stalks are fully ripen, around September, and milled shortly thereafter. The consumption should be made within 6 months to a year.

Recently, an effort has been made by Thai Government to promote The Thai Hom Mali Rice to be known in even wider circle internationally. The standardization has created by the Thai Government to maintain the highest quality when exported aboard. According to Thai Government standard, the highest grade or premium quality contains no less than 92% of the Thai Hom Mali . The kernel must be at least 7.0 mm ., average length to width ratio is at least 3:1, and the maximum of 14 % of moisture content, 12 % to 19% of amylase. To ensure the highest quality to the buyer, the Thai Government, Department of Foreign Trade also issues Certification. The exporters have to register with the Thai Government, Department of Commerce as certified exporters.